Practice (practical application) for new Consciousness

Turbulences of the actual time shake up the basis of your life, fears, crying for no reason, disturbed sleeping patterns are the consequences. You find understanding for this situation and tools, how you bring new consciousness in your daily routine and how you stabilize the foundation of your life.

You are expecting a baby (first halftime of pregnancy), vomiting or fears concerning the role of the parent, the course of parturition, or the health of the baby are clouding the joy; or you just wish to establish an intimate relationship to the child. With simple tools of new consciousness symptoms may be diminished, complications minimalized and old personal issues dissolved in order to solidify the relationship to the child and parenting becomes easier.

You experienced death in the circle of family or friends, the events and open questions keep coming back to you. Thanks to the tools of new consciousness you gain more profound understanding for you own reactions and the paths of the deceased and find back to your sovereignty in your life.

You just would like to know more about new consciousness and its application in the daily life. Come, maybe you will marvel at yourself.

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New consciousness,  current technological developement and new insights of metaphysics

How can I integrate these into my everyday-life?


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